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The American Gospel Quartet Convention would like to thank you for joining our Social Depot. In order to keep this site in the Christian perspective, we have outlined several guidelines for each member to follow. Please read over all of them. If we find that you're violating any of the guidelines, we will have to suspend your usage of this site. Our goal is to get our network to represent our success as Christians coming together in love. The best network shows a true spirit of cooperation with all members. *Please do not add duplicate videos or photos. Please limit photos on your page to 15 ,videos 3, and only 2 songs. Do Not add any photos,videos, or songs to the Home page of this site. Only the administrator of AGQC is allowed to add photos,videos, and songs to the Home page. * Please use a photo or an image on your profile page. Your picture will be on our front page under members. Please do not post any obscene image that does not represent a Christ like image. * Only post videos on your page that is of Christian Ministry. Only singing and spoken ministries. All videos must be viewable for our younger generations. * No member is allowed to post any graphic, videos, songs, or events in a blog, forum, discussion, chat, group or on another member's page. All photos and videos should only be posted on YOUR profile page. Please post all events on the event page only. * All members must get permission to use AGQC name on their profile page or anywhere outside of the network. All songs and videos created about AGQC must get approval before posting on the network. For approval, please email: * Please make sure you have permission to display the two songs that you're allowed to display on your page. We prefer that you post your own songs that you have legal rights as an Artist. please do not post songs that you have not receive permission to display. This will result in the songs being removed from your page. * The Chat Room. Please be kind in the things you type. Please report any abuse at once to Anyone is violation will be suspended from using this site. * No Advertisement of any business will be allowed. Only post Christian events. * No pictures should be uploaded that does not reflect the right spirit. Any photos that are offensive will be asked to be removed or your page will be suspended. * No Advertisement! Pictures of logos, businesses, or artwork will not be approved. *Ladies: clothing/tops cannot be low cut enough to show cleavage and no photo will be allowed of sisters in tank tops, halter tops or low cut tops that is too revealing. No tattoos. * Men: No pictures can be accepted if a Brother is in a tank top or without a shirt. No saggy pants with underwear showing. No tattoos. * No swimsuit will be accepted * Forums: Not a place for local congregational issues, group issues, or personal issues. Any forum that is slanderous,negative or personal attack will be deleted and the member will be banned.


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Voncile Belcher posted a status
"Please join me for my Lady Voncile Belcher CD Release NOVEMBER 16th ,2019"
Aug 1
Voncile Belcher posted a status
"Join me for my CD Release on NOVEMBER 16th, 2019"
Aug 1
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Aug 1
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Jul 4

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